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My name is Zach Heller. My goal is to create a place of open communication about marketing, advertising, small business, etc. I invite comments, emails, and connections of any kind.  Want to trade links? Trade stories? Share posts? Connect with me today!

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Simple is Successful: iContact Email Review

In email marketing, simplicity goes a long way. Short emails, containing easy to view and read information are some of the most successful emails you can send. And I was reminded of that when I got iContact’s recent monthly newsletter.

Take a look:

I guess if anyone should know about sending successful emails it’s a company that sells email marketing software. But good for them for practicing what they preach.

If you look at the email above, they do many of the things that I prescribe for marketers who are looking to improve, or start an email newsletter. The subject line is clear and direct, the layout is simple and easy to look at, the content is solid, and there are numerous ways to consume and share the content provided.

We can all take a cue from the simplicity of this newsletter.

Overall Grade = A.

Bonus: Get your Free Trial of iContact today!


Don’t Turn Me Off: Metro Email Review

I’ve been asked the question many times. What’s the worst thing you can do as an email marketer?

I don’t know what would be the worst possible thing you could do in email marketing is. I do know that there are a lot of companies doing very poorly. I do know that there a lot of things you can do that are very negative. Probably the worst thing you can do is avoid it.

But Metro attempted to prove that theory wrong with a recent email they sent me. It needs no introduction or lead up. Here is the email I saw when I clicked to open it:

If I don’t allow images, this is what I see. This is what everyone on their list sees first, unless they’ve agreed to see images before. Sure, Gmail is a pain in the ass when it comes to email marketing, because you are forced to accept all images. But that means marketers need to include text based information in their emails so it does not look THIS BAD.

And you know what makes it worse? It’s the way the email looks after I accept images:

It’s great. It’s a powerful, meaningful email that I am interested in. Why risk losing me at first sight?

Come on, Metro.

Grade = F, for Fix it.


Easy Contact Info: Adorama Email Review

Welcome to another edition of Zach Heller marketing reviews. This latest review is of an email I got from Adorama Pix (which I should mention did a great job on a Christmas present I ordered).

Check it out below:

The subject line is strong, it’s short and to the point. The graphic and headline, playing off of Valentine’s Day, are eye-catching and attention-demanding. Overall, the email is very well done.

But the real reason I wanted to review it here is that one thing stood out to me. And that was the readily available contact information at the top right corner. I didn’t have to search for it, or scroll for it. In fact, I wasn’t even looking for it, and I still saw it.

With your emails, just like anywhere else you run ads or display information, make sure to always include your contact information in an easy-to-find way. It may seem obvious, and it may piss off the designers, but it’s the simplest thing you can do to increase response.

Grade = B+

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