10 Types of Visual Content on Instagram that Get Shared Like Crazy (Guest Post)

The following is a guest post by Nika Goddard. Nika is a psychologist, writer-freelancer, traveler and just creative person, lover of world cultures, languages, food, wild spaces and urban places by nature.

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The fact that we’re living fast-paced lives is no longer news for anyone. It’s enough to look at a friend or relative and see how crowded their daily schedule is and you will understand that things have changed a lot in the past years. Either if it’s natural or something that came along with progress in technology, one thing is certain: we don’t have time to waste. And that affects every aspect of our behavior, including the way we react to social media posts. It’s no wonder that visual content has 40 times more chances of being shared that any other type of content and the reason behind this is very simple. Seeing an image is very easy to process, understand and choose what to do with it.

Now, that we’ve established that visual content is the one with most chances of being shared on Instagram, is time to see exactly what type of visual content gets the most chances of being spread.

Inspirational Quotes

This is, perhaps, the most shared content ever, since the beginning of internet, something that can even take on cat videos and win. It’s hard to explain what is it about these quotes that make people want to share them. It might be the fact that they give people a warm and fuzzy feeling, inspiring them to take action or something like that. One thing is certain, they work and will always work as far as you can tell.

Human Portraits

There a statistic that shows a post with a human face in it is probably to get up to 40% more likes than a post that does not contain a face in it. But where does this increase in appreciation comes from when dealing with a human face? It’s probably because it can create a personal connection and also taps into emotions of the viewers.

Scenery and Landscapes

It’s no wonder that we, in the digital age, appreciate nature so much. And that’s also applicable to Instagram as well. Posting a breathtaking landscape or a spectacular scene improves the chances of your post to be shared on Instagram. The great thing about landscape photos is that they don’t necessarily have to mean something since every viewer will gave them their own meaning.

Food Photos

Just like the one with human portraits, posting photos good-looking dishes and food in general, will definitely boost your engagement and people will press that share button like crazy. It’s something strongly related to our basic needs and that’s more than enough for our brains to identify food images as positive and likeable.

Photos with Historic Events

Not only historic events but something that has happened in the past, have a way of creating a nostalgic effect on people, leading to reflection and sparking some emotions that stay latent in our subconscious. It’s a very effective theme you can adopt if you want to boost the number of shares on your Instagram account.

Extreme Situations

This has something to do with the previous photos including beautiful landscapes, however, it has a little twist. Every post with you on top of a mountain, rafting or very close to the edge of a waterfall will be automatically liked by any viewer on the Internet since it taps into our adventure need that, for some, are locked down deep inside.


Yep, of course you anticipated this. It was very clear from the first comparison with cat videos that animals will take their place in this top. And it’s very simple, the world is filled with animal lovers that appreciate seeing pets or any other animals being promoted on social networks.

Backstage Photos

Perhaps this one is a bit surprising for you, however, people always felt the need to discover what’s behind the scenes. To take a peek behind the curtain of a show, rock concert or even a political dispute. This is why, any time of backstage or behind-the-curtain photo has great chances of being shared a lot.

Using Actual Trends

Even though this is a very dynamic aspect of social media, using real-time trends can boost your engagement a lot, as long as you choose your trend properly. For example, you can make your post related to a blockbuster that’s about to be launched or Pokemon.

Video Stories

Still photographs get a lot of attention but videos are on the rise nowadays since they’re a lot easier to follow and they also add the element of unknown that makes you want to click play. Almost every social network awarded priority to video content and it will help you boost engagement as well.


Instagram is still growing and it’s a great opportunity for boosting your engagement, no matter if you’re representing a brand or simply for your personal profile. The best way to proceed would be to combine all the above-mentioned methods in an original way. 

Guest Post: 3 New Methods for Amplifying Your Brand’s Instagram Account

The following is a guest post by Lucas Miller. Lucas is a young, up-and-coming Wizard of Public Relations. When not writing, running or studying, he’s working tirelessly to perfect what he claims is the “World’s Greatest Pompadour.”

As far as social media is concerned, few are the channels which can compete with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In recent years, with the advent of Pinterest and the growing popularity of visual consumption, Instagram has successfully managed to solidify itself as a social force to be reckoned with. No longer is Instagram only for the young and self-absorbed, but for businesses of all sizes and success levels.

Statistically speaking, it seems that social fanatics from all the world’s corners can’t get enough of the network. Within a month of the app’s initial launch in October of 2010, the platform exploded with over 1 million user downloads. Five years later, the groundbreaking app currently lays claim to over 300 million active users, 70 percent of whom aren’t even from the United States.

Still not impressed? According to IconoSquare, 61 percent of users like at least one photo or video each and every day, with 30 percent of users liking upwards of 10 of them. The most important part of it all, however, is found in the fact that 32 percent of all Instagram users follow at least five brand accounts. Due to such stunning success, America’s leading brands have taken notice and are tapping into the smartphone app for marketing success.

Same Old Strategies, Same Old Results

It seems that most marketing agencies have the same set of rudimentary strategies for pushing their products or services through Instagram. Truthfully, there’s nothing wrong with what’s being done and, overall, when implemented on a regular basis, the results are nothing but positive.

Images and videos featuring product demonstrations, behind the scenes footage, employee hijinks and company culture are smart, yet commonplace methods for amassing followers and building a reputation on Instagram. Taking things a step further is the stuff of advertorial genius.

Says Kevin Johnson, a Social Media Strategist at Fusion 360, “For social media to really work for both advertising agencies and clients alike, social scheduling can’t become the be-all and end-all of a marketing plan. Everyone’s doing just that. To break away from the proverbial pack, something new has got to surface.” In order to more fully separate yourself from other industry-specific accounts, a series of lesser known tactics can make all the difference.

1) Debut Teaser Videos Through Instagram

Though Vine has successfully managed to corner the social video-sharing market, Instagram has made a dent in the powerhouse’s audience devotion. As opposed to Vine’s 6.5-second video platform, amateur video production specialists on Instagram are allotted 15 seconds worth of air time to spread their respective messages—small and large businesses included.

Seeing as corporate and Internet videos are a key component of any digital advertising blueprint, marketing agencies produce them in droves for their clients. Instead of debuting a new product or service video on YouTube or Vimeo, release a teaser clip of sorts on Instagram to help build intrigue with the public.

According to SimplyMeasured, 73 percent of brands post at least one video per week. With multiple teaser videos being published each week, by the time a video is properly debuted in its entirety, a sizable audience will be both present and willing to share on their own individual social outlets.

2) Promote Your Brand Through Booming Social Trends

Believe it or not, there once was a time when Twitter’s #FollowFriday seemed innovative. In today’s day and age, there’s a hashtag for each day of the week. Observe:

   Monday - #ManCrushMonday

   Tuesday - #TransformationTuesday

   Wednesday - #WomanCrushWednesday

   Thursday - #ThrowbackThursday

   Friday - #FlashbackFriday

   Saturday - #Caturday

   Sunday - #SelfieSunday

On Instagram, the aforementioned hashtags garner quite a bit of public sway and allow for brands like yours to become an integral part of meaningful conversations.

Once again, through social research conducted by SimplyMeasured, it’s been reported that 91 percent of posts by Instagram’s top business accounts have between one and seven hashtags. Oddly enough, though most people are completely unaware as to the literal function of hashtags, for brands that use at least one of them wisely, posts receive an average of 12.6 percent more user engagement than those which don’t. Case in point: using hashtags to promote your company through social trends is well worth your time and effort.

3) Use Image Analytics to Better Understand Your Audience

Even though there’s usually a price tag associated with image analytics tools, the payment pales in comparison to knowing which image and video types resonate most with your fans and followers. Curalate and BlitzMetics, for example, are industry leaders in the ways of social listening on Instagram and Pinterest.

Speaking of Curalate, Tim Peterson—a staff writer for AdWeek—says, “Curalate is able to track an Instagram posts likes and comments so that a brand can see how that popularity translates into added followers, but also capitalize on the popularity. Denim brand 7 For All Mankind used the platform to identify that an image was resonating on Instagram. It then pushed that out as a Facebook ad, resulting in the brands most engaged ad on that platform to date….”

Needless to say, if your business has yet to have experimented with social media, your missing out on all that the digital age of communication has to offer. Instagram, more than most social sites and apps, is excellent for increasing market reach. When applied, the aforementioned suggestions not only help businesses build a larger social following, but promise to provide for improvements in the ways of customer loyalty, brand identity and industry influence.