Great New Web Sharing Tool: MyBoredBox

I rarely reference new tools or gadgets. I don’t accept most pitches that I get from entrepreneurs or marketing agencies to review software or technology platforms. There are other blogs, much larger than mine, that are dedicated to that kind of reporting.

But I recently came across a new tool that a friend showed me, and I’ve been using it non-stop ever since. So I figured I’d take the time to give it some credit, since I do like to share useful tools that I use in my day to day life with readers.

The tool – MyBoredBox

What is it – It’s a simple sharing tool that allows you to bookmark any URL (web page, video, etc.) and share it with friends.

How it works – Visit the site, create an account, and copy their bookmarklet into your browser. When you stumble across a story or video that you like, you can click the bookmark tool, and enter in the email addresses of friends or co-workers you think will like it. It’s a personalized form of bookmarking or sharing, with a strong website component that allows you to leave comments, forward links, and keep a list of favorite links.

Thumbs up in my book!