The Key to Testimonial Success

I’ve written a number times about how testimonials can provide a boost to any marketing effort. But just like anything else, there are some ways of using testimonials that are better than others.

A popular trend in business these days is to move beyond the general quotation on a website or advertisement, to a more engaging form of testimonial. The video testimonial!

What make video testimonials so great?

  • They’re more engaging. Today’s consumers are much more likely to watch a video than read anything.

  • They stand out. Videos stand out. And video testimonials are new and different, and will call attention to themselves no matter where they’re placed.

  • They’re “More Real”. We all must have some suspicion when we see written testimonials. Is that a real person? If so, did they really say that? A video testimonial is tougher to fake, more believable, and more effective.

And here’s a video on how to get video testimonials. Enjoy!