Understanding Seasonality in your Business

Seasonality is an important concept to understand if you’re responsible for marketing a product or service. Most businesses and industries have at least some semblance of seasonality that impacts their sales.

Seasonality, in essence, are the predictable changes in market demand, ups and downs, at different times of year. As an example, consumer electronics products experience a sharp increase in demand in the months leading up to Christmas, than just as sharp a drop directly after Christmas and into the New Year.

In some industries it is more obvious than others. Think of fashion or weather-related purchases. But almost all businesses have some seasonality to contend with.

What does it mean for marketers?

  • We have to plan and budget for it. Spend money when it’s more likely to work instead of fighting against the headwinds of the market.
  • You can try to stretch the “up” seasons by pushing marketing earlier or running sales longer.
  • You can develop new products that might have a different seasonality, selling well in your typically “down” seasons.