Most Popular Posts of 2014


December rolls on and the end of the year is approaching fast. Looking back on the year here at Zach Heller Marketing we can call it a success. With more readers and subscribers than ever before, we are truly humbled. And we are more determined than ever to continue to offer the kind of quality content that you’re looking for.

But before moving forward, let’s take another look at the past. For our new readers, here is a review of the five most popular posts of 2014:

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  2. 6 Ways to Get More Referrals
  3. The Case for Paying Your Employees More Money
  4. How to Land That Job – Part 2
  5. 10 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

5 Reasons Not to Market on Social Media

  1. You don’t buy all the hype. Social media is a passing trend in pop culture.
  2. You don’t understand it, and it would take far too long to learn.
  3. You can’t measure the Return on Investment it offers.
  4. Your target market is not using social media.
  5. You don’t do marketing of any kind, so why would you start there.

If you can believe it, all of the above are answers that I’ve heard people give for why they’re not marketing their business on social media. It’s scary to think that there are still companies out there who haven’t taken the leap and started experimenting with social media.

Let’s take these answers one at a time.

#1 You don’t buy the hype? How long does something have to go on before it’s no longer considered a phase? Facebook, the largest global social network, is about to go public. I think we’re past the “hype” stage. Even if you think something is a hype, isn’t it worth making money off of it while it’s still around?

#2 You don’t understand it? Surely you know someone who does, or you work with someone who does, or you can hire someone to manage it for you. Social media is part of the marketing world now, and you can hire any up and coming marketer straight out of college who can manage the entire process for you.

#3 You can’t measure it? If you measure anything on the web, adding social media to it should not be a problem. Google Analytics now allows you to tie social media sites into your goals, so that you can see what sites those people are coming from that convert into paying customers. And Facebook’s advertising program provides the same type of tracking data that Google AdWords does for those of us who are paying for clicks on the network. At the most basic level, track sales before and after you get involved in social media and tell me there’s no difference.

#4 Your target market is not using social media? At one point, this was a legitimate concern. Not anymore. Everyone and your grandmother is on Facebook, literally. There’s not a market in the world that goes unaffected by social media altogether.

#5 I understand that there are companies out there that don’t spend money on marketing. Either they can’t afford it, or it’s too early, or they don’t know where to get started. I’m here to tell you that social media is a perfect place to get started, and all it has to cost you is a little bit of your time. A page on Facebook or Google+, an account on Twitter, they’re all free and will instantly make you better equipped to promote your business in an online world.

So stop making excuses and start getting involved today!