Making Customers Remember You

What are advertisers looking for?

It’s a question with many answers. But one answer that resonates with companies the world over is “uncluttered, unfiltered media that gets attention and produces results”. And that’s the idea behind an up and coming advertising company I recently got to understand a whole lot better.

Star Toilet Paper was started by two brothers, Jordan and Bryan Silverman, with a simple and unique concept. Supply free environmentally-friendly toilet papers to venues. And in turn, sell ads on the toilet paper.

Advertising is about getting your product or service noticed, and we do that perfectly.” Bryan is confident the company has found the right offering and can become a much larger marketing tool for companies all over the country. Starting small, with local venues and retailers, they’ve been able to find success. And they’re hoping to recreate that success on a much larger stage. Venues like hotels, malls, and stadiums are in the sights of this young company.

The brothers, one still in college and the other a 2012 graduate, are two of three full-time employees at Star Toilet Paper right now. But along with their plans to expand the business, are plans to expand the team. Job creation and opportunity creation are the name of the game, and with advertisers such as Ben & Jerry's, Smoothie King, and Pita Pit, its clear the market for toilet paper ads is a real one.

“Marketing is all about getting your product noticed and making consumers remember who you are,” is how Bryan puts it, and who isn’t going to remember your company if they see it on their toilet paper.

The “provide for free and sell the space” model has worked in the past. It’s worked with fortune cookies, with cigarettes disposals, with delivery bags, and it’s now working with toilet paper.

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