Can Email Boost SEO?

Yes. Of course email can impact search engine optimization. For good and for bad.

Marketing is not one thing. Nor is it a collection of things that live in their own silos. Rather the entirety of marketing is made up of a million little interconnected things – processes, tools, channels, words, images, people.

Email marketing, when used properly, can positively impact many other marketing channels and processes. And SEO is one of them. Here’s how:

  • When you use email to promote content you get more people to visit your site, plus encourage others to share that content with their friends.
  • When you publish new content you can use email to contact bloggers to ask for inbound links.
  • When you launch new products you can use email to send out a press release that may get picked up by one or more media outlets.
  • You can send out a survey to customers about your websites ease of use and use the findings to make the website more user-friendly.

Little Things 3 – Image Tags

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Little Things”, a weekly blog series covering the small changes that you can make to improve marketing performance.

Last week’s topic was improving the functionality of your web forms.

This week’s tip:

Add Alt Tags to Your Images

Search engine optimization is an important piece of the marketing puzzle. In today’s world, showing up near the top of search rankings on Google can make or break a business. And while SEO has many moving pieces, being good at a few of them can be enough to the move the needle for your website.

One thing you should do is add alt tags to all of your images. Without getting too technical, today’s search engines can’t identify pictures. So tagging your images allows search engines to “read them”. Using keywords to tell Google what an image is and how it relates to the content on your page can only help your rankings for those keywords.

Tagging images is easy. Simply:

  1. Go into the code on your website code
  2. Identify images by searching for “img src”

To get the most out of alt tags, use keywords and descriptors that you would like to rank highly for. Make them short and relevant to the content on the page that the image is on.

Create a list of all the images on your website and what page they’re on. When you’re done, every image on your website should have an alt tag.