Thoughts from the Road

My road trip to the west coast continues, and though I have spent time in Los Angeles, that’s really been the extent of my west coast experience until this week.

Earlier in the week, I was able to take in a baseball game from Safeco Field in Seattle and it got me thinking about sponsorships.

Sponsorships come in all different shapes and sizes; from the naming rights to a baseball stadium, to advertising rights at an event, and online sponsorships like email blasts and contests. And some can offer a very unique marketing opportunity.

Find something going on in your area (whether your area by an actual geographical area or an industry vertical) that’s creating some buzz.  Is there a way you can get involved? Perhaps a sponsorship would make sense?

If there is a popular newsletter that the consumers you’re after are reading, sponsor it. If there is an event happening in your neighborhood that’s sure to bring out lots of potential customers for your small business, sponsor it.

Many sponsorship opportunities offer ways to get in front of consumers for less than an ad campaign would cost.  And they offer you the ability to be creative in your messaging as well.

And you can always sponsor this blog if it fits!

New York City, I’ll be home soon!