Market Yourself – Part 3

This is part three of the three part series this week on marketing yourself. Check out part one and part two here.

In the first two parts of this series I covered how to establish your personal brand online and use it to your advantage in the interview, job application process. But I know that there are plenty other reasons to establish your online reputation that have nothing to do with getting hired. Some people are beyond the point where they want to get hired, they want to find career success on their own.

And so we come to step 3, selling your personal brand.

Once you’ve established yourself online, through a blog or website, on social media, you’re ready to take the notion of marketing yourself to the next level. You can start to make money off your brand.

Maybe you want to start a business. Maybe you want to go into business for yourself, as a consultant. And maybe you just want to sell something on the side.

Whatever your goal, you’re ready to go after it.

First, think about the personal brand that you’ve created. Where does it fit in terms of money-making opportunities. In my case, once I had an audience that believed in my knowledge as a marketer, I saw two opportunities.

The first, and smaller opportunity was in the form of writing. I realized that I could sell my knowledge in the form of a book, and then later a class in email marketing.

I used the existing name I’d created for myself and went down an even narrower path. By focusing on one aspect of marketing, I was able to research and learn everything I needed to know to be able to advise others in the field. And the first revenue generating opportunities were born.

The second is the general consulting business that I hope to grow into more permanently, helping pass on my knowledge in marketing to small business owners looking for guidance. I’ve established a credible base, and am now able to market my services more aggressively through the media channels I’ve built.

And you can do the same thing. Your personal brand is a base with which to reach out to potential clients, potential partners, investors, customers, and press. Become an expert in a niche area and sell your expertise in the form of books, classes, tutoring, advice, and services.

The more aggressive you are upfront, setting up your personal brand, the more “selling” power you can create for yourself down the road.

The key is that you have to put the effort in before you can start to benefit from it. I had established my blog for months before I started the book. But in the end, it pays off.