Ad Impressions: Quality over Quantity

It’s time for marketers to stop counting the total number of impressions they serve, and start counting the results that those impressions deliver.

Would you rather get 1 million impressions for $100 that don’t generate any sales or 100 impressions for $100 that all generate a sale?

Is it unrealistic for every ad to lead to a sale?

We’re at a major turning point as marketers. Technology now allows us to track activity down to the smallest detail. It allows us to target messages and ads to people right when they are most likely to buy, and to avoid spending money on people who have no interest.

Smart marketers, the ones that understand analytics and can see the value in sending a more targeted message to fewer people, have already started moving toward quality over quantity.

Large companies are still flaunting larger budgets. Large publishers are still flaunting total impressions. But the move towards segmentation, performance based pay, and targeted messaging is well underway. Don’t get left behind.