Did You Know Words Really Can Hurt You?

This is not a post about one of the recent Geico commercials, though I will thank them for inspiring it. No, instead this is a post about three situations marketers and business owners will find themselves in where the words you use matter. Using the wrong ones might lead to a drop in business.

  1. Copywriting – the words you use to describe your company, your products, and your value to consumers have a direct impact on your sales. The best marketers and copywriters in the world carefully craft each and every message their customers will see. And using the wrong words could cause people to lose interest or turn to your competition.
  2. Speaking to the press – company spokespeople are well-paid for a reason. They convey your brand’s message to the media. And how you do that is very important. Because the slightest mix up could lead to a lot of negative coverage that can sink any brand.
  3. Managing employees – talking to your team, especially those that work under you is a skill you must master. The right wording can go a long way toward inspiring people to work harder. The wrong wording might make them turn on you.