The Ultimate Consulting Gig

On any given day, I might answer the question “What is your dream job?” different. While I love what I do, there are always other opportunities out there. The grass is always greener.

Right now, my dream job is consulting for Barack Obama’s campaign team, specifically on the email marketing side. And while there are many people in the field who might have the insight and experience that I have and then some, I believe that I could bring a level of creativity and understanding that I don’t see in their email strategy at the moment.

If tomorrow, I was brought on to manage Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign email marketing program, here’s what I would do:

  1. Segment lists by region, state, county
  2. Segment the segments by race, age, and gender
  3. Research the important issues by segment
  4. Survey our email list to learn more about them and their needs
  5. Work on a variety of email templates designed not only to inform and seek donations, but attention grabbing, over the top emails that demand readers. When you’re the President of the United States seeking re-election, you’ve got a pedestal to speak from. Be daring, take advantage of the attention you already command.
  6. Use emails to drive followers on a variety of social media campaigns, both those that already exist and new ones that I’ve suggested (Kickstarter).
  7. Ask people to subscribe to a newsletter specifically to receive news and updates from the campaign trail.
  8. Use the newsletter to promote local supporters, town halls, petitions, and donation collection.
  9. Use the newsletter to announce live webinar type discussions with key members of the cabinet and Barack Obama’s team. It’s hard to be everywhere all of the time, but virtual meetup technology can help facilitate intimate communication at a distance.
  10. Use all the emails that we send out to refer others to the program. I have not seen an email from the campaign team yet that asked me to find other subscribers. You should always ask.