Page Speed is King

In the world of search engine optimization, the factors that decide where your site shows up on the results page of a user’s search are constantly changing. Google, the search king, tinkers endlessly with their algorithm, long kept under lock and key, in order to create a better user experience.

These changes are necessary, especially as technologies and search behaviors change. They ensure that searchers are more likely to see the site that they are looking for when they search.

For marketers, it means constantly working to ensure that your site shows up at or near the top of relevant search results pages (SERPs).

Today’s “it” ranking factor = Page Speed

Content used to be king. Create more content, better content, and you’ll be better positioned from an SEO perspective.

Now page speed is king. And that’s because mobile searches represent a fast-growing majority of all searches. A slow-loading website is sure to turn mobile users off, so Google takes that into account when ranking sites on a mobile device.

Want to know how Google thinks your site is performing on mobile? Here is a handy tool they created, and it’s free to use.

Want to know how you can boost your website’s page speed? Read this beginner’s guide to increasing web page load times.