Building Your Marketing Portfolio

Many of those inhabiting marketing positions don’t often think that they need a portfolio of work. We are businessmen and women, taught that we need a resume, a LinkedIn page, and a strong professional network. These are the tools that we can use to establish our credentials and work to climb the ranks in our professional lives.

On the other hand, portfolios are the “resumes” of the art world. Designers need them. Photographers, developers, and architects need them. But not marketers. Right?

Wrong. While a marketer’s portfolio may not resemble exactly the artist’s portfolio, it is becoming more and more crucial for marketers to maintain a record of their work in an easily-presentable format.

And a personal website is the perfect tool for that. Whether you use blog posts or articles, slideshows, images, videos, pages, or all of the above, this kind of presentation will help set you apart from other marketers in an increasingly competitive field.

What belongs in the marketer’s portfolio?

  • Major projects – any large scale projects that you were a part of. Break down the strategy – what problem you were attempting to solve and how. And share the results.
  • Examples of leadership – did you take the lead on any project or team? Did you manage any staff?
  • Personal and professional accomplishments – awards, recognition, certifications.
  • Work samples – will vary from person to person, but should include presentations developed, writing samples, screenshots of campaigns, etc.
  • References
  • Contact information

The portfolio, a living collection of your life’s work, available online, is the single best tool you have to reach your professional goals. It is available for all to see, and can be included both in your LinkedIn profile and your physical resume. Potential employers can view it themselves, or you can walk them through it during the interview process.

Best of luck!