How to Add Urgency in Marketing

Urgency in marketing often leads to higher sales and more successful advertising or promotional campaigns. When you create urgency in the minds of your customers, you are in a sense forcing them into a quicker decision. You are turning a purchasing decision that would otherwise not be an impulse buy into one.

So how can you add urgency to your marketing?

1.       Deadlines and Expiration Dates.

Special offers and promotions are a great way to add urgency because you can make them only available for a limited time. Advertising an expiration date for people to take advantage of a discount encourages people to make a decision and sign up sooner. This can be utilized on the website in your sales or specials section, in email and direct mail marketing, and on landing pages for your online advertising campaigns.

Make sure people know what the deadline for the offer is, and make the process for signing up or checking out quick and simple.

2.       Limit Availability.

Urgency is immediately generated when supplies are limited. A limited availability strategy lets consumers know that if they don’t act now, others might and the product or service will sell out. Technology and consumer goods companies like Sony and Apple have long used limited availability to generate demand for new products, allowing people to preorder knowing that products will likely sell out very quickly.

When you purposely limit the supply of an item, you can increase the demand. Think about a class with only so many seats to fill, or an event with only so many tickets available. The urgency created with a limited availability offer can often lead to higher prices and more revenue than a deadline or expiration date on a promotion.

Think about how you can add urgency to your sales process, and begin to see higher conversion rates today!