Be Innovative: Subway Ad Review

It’s important in whatever you do to always be thinking outside the box. In my younger days (about 1 year ago), I wrote a blog which I titled “Be Innovation”. It was about the need in the business world to be changing, to look for the next best thing, to create real value where there once was none.

In that vein, I love the display ad I was delivered for Subway a week ago. Check it out below:


What do I love about it?

First, the color really pops. But that’s not it.

Next, the idea of making an offer on a display ad is different. This is not meant for branding, it’s meant to sell 3 footlong subs for $12. You don’t often see display ads that attempt to make a direct sale, especially for a product that can’t be purchased online. But that’s not it either.

I really love the “Find a Store” feature within the ad. Present an offer, than let people know how they can take advantage of it, all in one ad. Well done subway.

Grade = A for innovAtion