Blogging to Land a Job

Unemployment numbers aside, there are people getting hired today. They’re getting hired in all fields, at all levels. They are getting paid what they deserve and they’re getting the position and respect that they’ve earned.


They are being smarter than the rest of us. They are marketing themselves more aggressively, more efficiently.

So what can we learn from them?

There’s more to getting a job than searching for an ad and emailing a resume. It starts long before the ad is even posted. You have to start marketing yourself as an expert in your field so that when that opportunity does come, you’re prepared.

One great way to do that is to start a blog in your area. Blog about your field, about your views and opinions, where you think people are going wrong, trends you’re paying attention to, and your own accomplishments. It does not need to draw a ton of readers, it just needs to be there for people to see.

When you add a blog to your resume, or a link to it in your cover letter, you’re letting the person know that you care enough about what you do to write about it. You can show them samples of your work, your writing style, and what you care about.

It’s not THE answer. But it’s part of the answer. And it’s an easy part of the answer to get started on today.

How to Land Your Dream Marketing Job

Are you a marketer looking for a job you can really feel passionate about? One that will open up new experiences and teach you about a new industry? One that will allow you to work with a team of brilliant people on projects you look forward to?

We all imagine the dream job. That job that feels just out of reach, that will make us happy and satisfy our career pursuits.

And whether that job is open now, or it won’t come for years, there are plenty of ways that you can prepare for it.

  1. Take classes online and off to learn about new areas and stay up to date with new trends
  2. Get certified in a variety of fields through those classes
  3. Add those certifications and classes to your resume
  4. Have an opinion on divisive issues within marketing and make your opinion known
  5. Start a blog or personal website
  6. Outperform expectations at your existing job
  7. Take advantage of social networks to make real connections
  8. Always be looking, you never know when that perfect job will come along and you don’t always know what form it will take when it does