Last Chance: Email Marketing Class

Time is running out to register for the very first “Fundamentals of Email Marketing” class that I’m teaching in New York City this Wednesday, January 25th. If you’re in the area, and you’re interested in learning more about how to use email marketing as a regular part of your marketing strategy, I’d love to have you.

In addition to a prepared presentation, there will be plenty of time to answers your questions and discuss the specific ideas or issues you’ve had as they relate to email marketing. It should be an information-packed 90 minutes.

It all goes down this Wednesday at 7:30pm at the SkillShare Headquarters @ 407 Broome Street. Register today! The cost is $20, and I promise that you’ll take away plenty of value for that price.

Check out this class >>

Hope to see you there!

“I” of the Consumer Week in Review

January is here! I’m only 2 and a half weeks away from crossing one of the items off of my 2012 to do list, “Teach a Class”. If you’re in the New York area and you have yet to sign up for my email marketing class on January 25th, I’d love for you to do that now. You can check out the class (only $20) by clicking here. You’ll be happy to know that I will be hard at work on the course materials for the next 18 days and I can promise a very informative class.

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Happy Sunday!

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Live in New York? Register for my Class!

It’s official, I’m teaching my first SkillShare class on The Fundamentals of Email Marketing on January 25th here in New York City. The team at SkillShare has been kind enough to lend me some space to host this course.

Seating is limited to a total of 30 students, and space is running out fast. If you’re interested in attending, the cost is $20. You can register here.

If all goes well, I will teach additional classes here in New York City. And if I happen to spend significant time in other parts of the country with a SkillShare presence, maybe you’ll find this show on the road.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope to see you there!

Email Marketing: What Do You Want to Learn?

If you haven’t heard, I’m teaching a class on email marketing in New York City in January. While there is not set date and location yet, I’ll be working over the course of the next week to nail it down and open it up for anyone to sign up.

But first, in creating a lesson plan, I found that there were a couple of paths I could take. To teach everything about email marketing would take far too much time, and would be far too confusing. But rather than pick apart the most important items myself, I thought that I would first open it up to you, the readers!

Select from the options in the poll below or leave additional topics that you’re interested in the comments to this post. Thanks for your feedback!

What topics are you interested in learning about Email Marketing?
Email Technology
Subject Lines
Mobile Email
HTML vs Text
Email List Buidling
Timing/Frequency free polls 

Check out my Email Marketing Class

Firstly, if you have not heard of SkillShare, you should check them out. From the limited knowledge that I have about who they are and what they are trying to do, I can’t agree with it more.

True democratized education, I love it!

Second, to gauge interest, I’ve set up a Pilot class that I will teach on Email Marketing. There is no set date or time listed because I want to make sure there are enough people out there who’d be interested in going somewhere to listen to me speak on the subject. Don’t all raise your hands at once.

But if you are interested, I hope that you sign up and add my class to your watchlist. If enough people sign up, we will put the plan in action, and host a class somewhere in and around New York City.

Thanks to all my readers!