10 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

There are many things that email marketers can do to make their email programs work harder for them. And for frequent readers of this blog, you will likely have picked up a few here and there.

Today, I wanted to roundup some of the tried and true ways you can improve the effectiveness of your emails, and introduce some new ones based on recent tests and trends.

Here are 10 ways to make your email marketing more effective:

  1. Responsive design – most email marketers have seen a huge uptick in mobile readership, which means your old email designs aren’t going to do. Responsive design allows you to create emails that are easily viewed on any device.
  2. Social share – adding social sharing options into your email encourages interaction and has proven to increase click-thru rates.
  3. Forward call outs – don’t just sit back and expect people to forward your emails to their friends, ask them to and give them a simple way to right from the email.
  4. Exclusivity – your emails should provide some benefit to your subscribers that they could not have received in any other way.
  5. Big buttons – it’s no longer enough to just put links in the text. Especially on mobile viewing, buttons make it easier for people to click thru on your emails and will increase the rate at which they do so.
  6. Test subject lines – don’t assume you know which subject line will work best. Every email you send is a new opportunity to test better subject lines to improve your open rate.
  7. Personalize – use what you know about your subscribers to customize your emails. At the very least, use their name.
  8. Shorten – get to the point quicker and don’t waste any words. Get people into your email and out of your email quicker, because they have better things to do than read your email.
  9. Test time of day – in the many tests I have seen, the big truth about time of day effectiveness is that it depends on who your subscribers are. If you haven’t tested different times, you should. Mornings, afternoons, and evenings will give you different results.
  10. Segment – you don’t have to send every email to every subscriber. Create different segments and customize your messaging based on past behavior, subscriber interests, or any other criteria that will help make your emails more relevant.

How to Start an Email Marketing Program Today

It’s easy. If you follow these steps you’ll be able to start an email marketing program on the cheap. You’ll dip your toe into the water (very warm water for marketers), and give yourself something to build on as you get more advanced and more familiar with the strategy.

  1. Create an account with iContact

  2. Have your account manager help you set up a form that will automatically load people to your list

  3. Add a graphic or call out on your website announcing “Sign up to receive updates, special offers, and discounts”

  4. Direct those who click on the link to a signup form, using the form you created with iContact

  5. On the form, tell them what they are signing up for (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly emails offering exclusive content and special offers) and ask for their name and email. Reinforce that it’s free to sign up

  6. Send emails out on a schedule with information about the company, any news or content that month, and any discounts or specials you’re offering

It’s that simple to get started in a marketing channel that’s proven its value to marketers far and wide. Why haven’t you started yet?

Wondering How Email Works?

Google recently debuted a new website devoted to their devotion to going green. And they added an interesting, interactive feature to the site that shows you how your email travels from your inbox to your recipients.

So it’s not email marketing, but it’s close enough to hold my interest.

Check out the introductory video below and visit the site when you get a chance:

Poll: Email vs. Text Message for Companies

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the increased use of SMS, or text messaging, as a part of the general push to mobile marketing. Some companies now offer customers the opportunity to receive text updates with news and promotions from their store. In addition, other companies are selling the ability to send out mass text messages instead of telemarketing calls to get new leads for your business.

As a marketer, I am intrigued. But as a consumer with a cell phone, I’m also concerned. But before I pass judgment on the movement, I would like to find out what you all think. Please take a second to answer with your opinion below. And assume for the sake of this exercise you want the updates you are getting from this company.

Would you rather receive news and deals via email or text message?
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