Marketing by Standing Out (Guest Post)

The following is a guest post from our old friend, Bryan Silverman of Star Toilet Paper. Bryan was recently chosen as a finalist for College Entrepreneur of the Year! Give him your support and vote here.

Did you know that the average advertisement is seen for between just 2 and 5 seconds? With this in mind, companies are looking for unique ways to get in front of specific target demographics to boost this time and ensure their ads are actually being seen.

Today, advertising and different types of marketing saturate the market. Every way you turn there is some sort of ad trying to grab your attention. The hardest part of marketing is getting consumers’ attention on your ad and not something else. Once you are able to achieve this, the people that are actually interested in your product or service will have no issue clicking through or searching more themselves. It is essential that not only the material on the ad stands out in a funny, shocking, or otherwise unique way, but also that it is presented in a novel way. Marketing teams all over the world are trying to figure out different ways to accomplish this difficult feat and are stumped each and every day as to how to revolutionize the marketing world.

For instance, the “Old Spice Guy” has gone viral due to his unique nature. In order to attract customers, Old Spice has utilized a man with an extremely distinctive voice, having him move through unique environments in different manners. Many people may ask, “well what does that have to do with Old Spice?” I would have two responses. My first would be that they are targeting men who want to be as “masculine” as this strong, macho man. Second, I would respond by telling them that it doesn't matter, because they now know this man as the “Old Spice Guy” and the company has done its job to capture your attention and get you talking about their product.  Isn’t that what advertising is all about - getting people to talk about your company?

Many other companies have taken to adopting new mediums of guerilla marketing. For instance, Kit Kat developed a series of benches that were made to look like Kit Kats being taken out of their wrappers. ESPN has been using urinals to advertise to men about watching soccer. Speaking of advertising in the bathroom, did you know that 98% of people could remember information about ads they saw in the bathroom?

I run a company called Star Toilet Paper and we feel that we can help companies reach an unmatched captive audience. My brother and I founded the company back in the Fall of 2010 and we print advertisements and coupons on toilet paper. For just half a cent per ad, companies are able to reach a captive audience in a manner that could never have been done before. The bathroom is a place where people read, and with toilet paper like this in front of them, there is no doubt they will be attracted by an ad placed on our toilet paper. Simply by advertising on a unique medium, a company is able reach an audience they never thought was possible in a way that is more effective than other forms of marketing.

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