Want to Become a Marketer?

Are you a recent college grad looking for a career in marketing? Or maybe you are looking to switch careers and get into marketing for the first time?

Either way, there’s a lot to learn.

The first thing I can say is, even though it might help you on a resume (especially if you have no professional experience), a marketing degree is not required for a career in marketing. The truth that most schools won’t tell you is that most of what you learn in college classes in marketing are either too basic to matter, or are outdated before you ever graduate.

That’s not to say that marketing coursework is not worthwhile. Just know what courses you need and which ones you don’t. You can get a viable marketing education without a full business degree.

If you want badly enough to be a marketer, it will take time, but you can get there. Here are some places to start:

  1. Coursera – free college courses in a variety of subjects
  2. Google Online Marketing Challenge – free course on digital marketing from a top industry player
  3. MIT Open Courseware – free courses from MIT’s Sloan School of Management
  4. UDEMY – free courses taught by active professionals
  5. Amazon – a quick Google search for “top marketing books” will yield results like Inc’s top 10 marketing books of all time

But most important of all is that first job. Real world experience as a part of a marketing team is the best marketing training you can ever get. Find a position with a large company where you can work with experienced professionals and work your way up in the industry.

It’s exciting work. Best of luck!