“I” of the Consumer Week in Review

This past week I left the bright lights of the big city behind on a trip to the Pacific Northwest.  A few days in Seattle, a road trip down to Eugene, OR, and the final two days in Portland. It’s good to take a step back from the day to day every once in awhile and take a new perspective. That’s as true in your personal life as it is in business.

While I was gone, however, “I” of the Consumer kept trucking along.  Here’s what you may have missed.

Posts from the week of April 18th:

Stay tuned for more. Happy Sunday!

“I” of the Consumer Week in Review

The blog is taking shape. Happy with what’s been done so far I figured I would take a minute to reflect on the first set of posts.  Every week I will try to do a week in review style post to highlight anything you may have missed along the way.


Posts from the week of April 11th:

Happy Sunday!