How to Use Customer Birthdays in Your Marketing Plan


Do you know your customer’s birthdays? Is that a piece of information you collect anywhere on your website or over the phone? Is it something you have access to?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you’re in good shape. If you answered no, figure out a way to change that so that the rest of this post makes sense for you.

This idea is one of many answers to an important question that companies (marketing teams) should be asking themselves. The question:

“What can we do to show people we care?”

One answer: remember their birthdays.

Consumers want to feel connected to companies on a more human level in today’s marketplace. The companies that take care of them will win more and more of their business. And a simple way to show them you’re paying attention is a friendly birthday present.

It could be as simple as a fun email. It could be a discount offer. It could be a free gift.

It’s an easy way to reach out to customers in a way that isn’t spammy or aggressive. It provides a brand experience that is unexpected. And I’ll bet that the feedback will be extremely positive.

Do it now and stay ahead of the curve!