Give Your Email Subscribers Options

Email list management is a boring topic, I know. But if your organization is using email to communicate with customers or prospective customers, it is one you have to perfect.

In the old days of email marketing, subscription was a binary choice. You were either subscribed, or you were not. If you subscribed and then changed your mind, you unsubscribed.

Simple? Simple.

That’s not the case with many organizations today. And if you are still doing it the old way, this is your wakeup call. When you give your subscribers options, you give them a better subscriber experience.

Let’s say you are a clothing retailer with a lifestyle newsletter that you put out once a week. In addition, you have frequent sales and specials, new lines being released every season, and a pop-up shop tracker.

In the old, binary world, if one of your past customers decided she did not want to receive the newsletter anymore because she did not care for the writing, she unsubscribed. But that meant that you could no longer send her emails about sales and new lines.

But a smart organization like yours couldn’t abide that. Instead, you create separate lists. You have a newsletter list, a sales list, a new lines list, and a pop-up shop list. Now each user can customize what types of emails they get from your brand.

Take it one step further.

Maybe some customers like the newsletter, but find that weekly is too frequent. Or they like the sales, but only on specific items. Why not segment your lists even further and let users set the frequency of the newsletter and choose the product categories they want to get alerts for?

I know what you’re thinking – all this is doing is making email harder to manage. But the truth is, you can set these up once and you’re done. Email software and technology being what it is, most companies can put this kind of program on autopilot.

The more you let your subscribers customize their experience, the better their experience becomes.