10 Email Test Ideas to Try Right Now

Email marketers don’t need me to tell them that they should be testing. Testing is an integral part of any successful email marketing strategy. Why?

  • There are so many things one can test in order to improve performance, and
  • The technology makes it very easy to create a split test and measure results

What if you agree that testing is important, but don’t know what to test? Then this post is for you.

Here are 10 A/B tests you can run in your email marketing campaigns today:

  1. Short vs. Long Subject Line
  2. Images vs. Text Only
  3. Text Links vs. Buttons
  4. Long Form Copy vs. Bulleted List
  5. Discounts as $ vs. %
  6. From Name = Company vs. Person’s Name
  7. Personalize the Subject Line vs. Not
  8. Show the Offer vs. Click to Find Ou
  9. Send in the Morning vs. Send at Night
  10. Descriptive Subject Line vs. Clever

There are 1,000s of different tests you can run. Hopefully this list gets the ideas flowing. The more you test, the more likely you will be to find a new formula that works better than what you are doing today.