Why Marketing? (for non-marketers)

Most of the content on marketing available to all of us in some form or another on the web is aimed at marketers. That’s understandable, as marketers have already self-identified as being interested in marketing.

We want the tips and tricks, the tried and true strategies that can help us grow and be better at our jobs.

But not all marketing content is, or should be, aimed at marketers. The truth is, marketing is a terribly important area of study for almost all of us, no matter our intended profession.

Is it clear why that is?

Marketing involves advertising, selling, brand building, promotion, and a large number of other activities traditionally thought-of in a business setting. But almost all of those activities can have applications in other fields.

So of course, if you’re a small business owner or self-employed professional, you need to know how to market the goods and services you’re providing. This includes artists, if you want to earn a living doing what you love.

Then there is a whole group of people who work for others, not in a marketing function, who need to know how to market their abilities to current and potential employers.

And while it may not be settling to think about in such a way, we all want to know how to market ourselves to potential mates, friends, and professional networks.

Each person is a brand, in a way. And much of what we do is meant to shape and build that brand in some way or another. We work out to be healthier, but also to look better. We join clubs and pick up hobbies to pursue our passions, and also to signal to others what we’re interested in.

Not all marketing content will apply to non-marketers. For example, my recent post on marketing personas probably holds no interest to you if you’re not a marketer. But it is crucial for all of us to have at least some knowledge of how to sell and how to build a brand.