Can Email Boost SEO?

Yes. Of course email can impact search engine optimization. For good and for bad.

Marketing is not one thing. Nor is it a collection of things that live in their own silos. Rather the entirety of marketing is made up of a million little interconnected things – processes, tools, channels, words, images, people.

Email marketing, when used properly, can positively impact many other marketing channels and processes. And SEO is one of them. Here’s how:

  • When you use email to promote content you get more people to visit your site, plus encourage others to share that content with their friends.
  • When you publish new content you can use email to contact bloggers to ask for inbound links.
  • When you launch new products you can use email to send out a press release that may get picked up by one or more media outlets.
  • You can send out a survey to customers about your websites ease of use and use the findings to make the website more user-friendly.