“I” of the Consumer Week in Review

Today is my birthday. I say that to say this, the number of companies emailing me to tell me happy birthday is absolutely insane. Or is it? Our modern world of data and technology and connectivity puts my contact information in the hands of most companies I do business with. And, either through open sources or my input directly, they get my birthday. And they use that day as an opportunity to put their brand in front of me. It’s smart marketing, if not a bit creepy when done to this kind of scale.

Anyway, if you or your company wished me a happy birthday this week, allow me to say: Thank You!

Here’s a recap of last week’s posts:

  1. Recommended Reading for Marketers – Part 8
  2. 13 Ways to Grow an Email List
  3. How to Use Facebook Insights

Happy Saturday!

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Week in Review
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