Conversions vs. Followers

What is the goal of your ad? That’s the question every marketer should ask themselves when putting together an advertising campaign.

No matter what the platform, you have a couple of options when running an ad. You might want to increase brand awareness or likeability, you might want to drive traffic to your website or followers on social media, or you might want to drive sales or conversion.

An ad works best when it attempts to one of those things, not all. And so it’s crucial to define your goals in advance.

On social media sites, a lot of advertising is meant to do little more than increase followers.

Using Facebook as an example, many companies pay to get more page likes. The theory being that more page likes will lead to increased sales over time.

But other companies pay to send people directly to their website or app in an effort to get a conversion or a download. And what they’re willing to pay for a conversion is probably more than someone is willing to pay for a page like.

Conversions and followers are two different things. It’s up to you to decide which one you’re after and not to mix them up.