How to Develop Content – What

The first thing that most people think of when you mention content marketing is written content. They think of articles and blog posts that live on a company’s website and attract traffic. That’s the conventional view of content marketing that still persists in all industries.

But that’s not all content is. Content can come in many forms.

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Lists
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Vines

New forms of content are being developed every day. Snapchat created “stories”, which are bits of video and written content delivered by their partner brands like ESPN and VICE. Instagram offers brands the ability to post moving images and caption them with written content.

Before you can start to develop your content, you need to know WHAT type of content you plan to develop. A different skill set, and often a different content developer might be required for one form vs. another.

For example, creating a video might require an actor, an illustrator, a videographer, and an editor. Whereas an article might only require one author.

The type of content you want to develop will have an impact on cost, timing, and execution. But the right type of content will always be more successful than the wrong type of content.