Learn Marketing vs. Become a Marketer

Last week I posted two posts on this very subject: Want to Learn Marketing? and Want to Become a Marketer?

They both involve a lot of the same things. It’s about learning a skill and putting that skill to practice.

In a way, I’d argue that we’re all marketers. We all learn how to market ourselves. Whether it’s professionally, applying for jobs and promotions and building our resumes, or socially, making friends and attracting a mate, we are all forced to develop the skills necessary to “sell” ourselves to others.

And so, marketing is this very natural thing we all must learn. But that doesn’t mean we’re all marketers.

A marketer, by definition, is someone who works in the marketing field. And becoming a marketer is very different than learning marketing.

Certainly not everyone should be a marketer. But I’d argue that everyone should learn a little marketing. It’s an important skill that will help you in many different aspects of life.