The Key to Never Failing

Fear of failing is natural. It’s human.

Most of us are told over and over again not to fail. We are driven to succeed. And for that reason, we learn to fear the fail.

Because we fear failing, we take steps that we think will help us fail less. Our goal becomes never failing.

One logical step to avoid failing is to eliminate risk. Only do things you know you will succeed at. Don’t take chances. Don’t do anything new.

Can you see the problem there?

If we never take risks, we never grow. No one ever achieved great success by never failing. You have to be willing to fail in order to succeed.

So the key to never failing is to play it safe. But if your goal is never to fail, you will never truly succeed.

So my advice to you, change your goal. Eliminate your fear of failing. Fail well and fail often. Learn to learn from your failures and work through them.