Top Tips for Today’s Managers

Since 2013 I’ve been an occasional contributor to the PreScouter Journal. PreScouter’s mission is to expose the world to innovations that might otherwise be lost or go unnoticed. The PreScouter Journal is part idea sharer, part how to guide, and part news. Contributors across a wide variety of industries help to make it a must follow source of content.

Below are the four posts that I’ve had published to date, with a brief summary of each. I hope that you find something that interests you and hop over to PreScouter’s site to read the article in full.

Redefining Leadership and the Role of Managers

What it means to lead an organization today is different than what it meant years ago. And as such, we expect our managers to approach their jobs and responsibilities differently. This post includes my own theories of what is expected of today’s managers and what it means to be a leader.

Motivating Today’s Employees: How to Get the Most Out of Your Team

Building off the first post, this one makes the argument that today’s employees are different. What it takes to manage them, coach them, train them, and keep them has changed. And so it is important for managers at all levels to understand what they can do to help their teams.

Ask Not What Your Employees Can Do for You

The role of the manager is not that of a drill sergeant. But that’s how many still approach it. Instead, this post argues that the role of the manager is to make your employees’ lives easier. What can managers do to help make their employees better at their jobs?

Seek Out Cooperation

We do not live in a perfectly competitive world. When our company succeeds, it does not come at the expense of all others. So to compete in the real world, sometimes you have to seek out help from other companies or institutions. This post is about how to instill that sense of cooperation in your organization.