On Christmas (and holiday marketing)

Have we reached peak Christmas yet?

It’s an interesting question to ponder for marketers out there. The onslaught consumers receive from companies begging for a greater share of their holiday shopping money has grown steadily in the digital era. Companies in a wide variety of industries – from auto to consumer electronics to toys – devote almost their entire year’s marketing budget toward the holidays.

It has grown and grown, pushing its way into new channels, and new months (August was the first mention I saw this year). But there is a limit. Isn’t there?

At what point are we pushing people away? At what point is there just not enough attention to go around?

I think we’ve hit it. Sure, some companies may see greater marketing ROIs this year than last. But on the whole, if you look at the total ROI from all the holiday marketing in the United States this year, do you think we’d see an increase over last year? I’d be surprised.

So what’s next? Convince consumers there are other times (maybe better times) to spend their money? The smart companies are probably already on top of it.

Merry Christmas everybody!