Underrated Series Introduction

Something you quickly notice if you start rummaging through the web for marketing advice is this – most writers speak in absolutes. You must do this or that to achieve success. This medium or that channel is dead.

These huge, definitive statements are not only mostly wrong, they’re distracting. Because anyone who is truly looking for help guiding their company to growth and success will miss out on some of the more simple tips out there.

We tend to overrate the importance of certain things. Just like we tend to underrate the importance of other things.

With that in mind, I’d like to announce the start of a new weekly blog series that will kick off with part 1 next week. It’s called, the Underrated Series.

Each week, I’ll highlight an important, and underrated component of marketing success. You can see past examples of this here, and here.

If you stick around, I think you’ll learn something.