Phone Calls vs. Web Visits

Is your goal to get people to visit your website or to call you?

That’s a question you have to answer when you are putting an ad together. What’s the goal?

The goal will affect the call to action, and the entire structure of the ad in many cases. And it should never be both.

Even though your brain might tell you to give people an option, that when presented with an option people will be happy to do one or the other, whichever makes more sense to them at the time, you’re wrong. Make the decision for them and more people will take action.

The question you have to answer is which would you rather them do?

A phone call is more active than a web visit. If I make a call, I’m more interested than someone who visits your website.

But a website visit is easier. More people are likely to click a link rather than dial a number.

Do you have a proper sales team to answer the phone if I call? Will the experience help convince me to purchase from you or hurt the odds?

Is your website designed to sell people? Do you have a proper landing page set up so that people don’t have to waste time fumbling around your site to get what they want?

Those are the questions you have to ask yourself and the decisions you have to make. If you have historical data, that’s even better. You should be able to tell what converts at a higher rate, a visit to the site or a phone call.

Nine times out of ten, if you have a trained sales team to support the volume of calls you expect to receive, a call will be better. The only hard part is convincing people to make the call. You better design an effective ad.