When Less is More in Marketing

Almost always. Less is almost always more when it comes to marketing. But here are three big areas:


People don’t read. That statement is more true today than ever before. And whether you’re creating a webpage, print ad, or direct mail piece, it’s the first thing you should tell yourself when you start to write your copy. Keep it short and impactful. Use active language and stress only those points that are most important.


I’m talking here about your focus. As a marketer or marketing team, there comes a point when you spread yourselves so thin that you underperform in all areas. It’s critical, especially in today’s “next best thing” environment, to determine a set of priorities. What are your key areas of focus, and what can you afford not to do? By focusing your time and energy, you are sure to perform at a higher level.


Have you ever heard of the paradox of choice? Put simply, it says that reducing the number of options for consumers eliminates anxiety and hesitation, and leads to more sales. It can seem like giving customers more options, more products, more customization, is a good thing. But it’s been proven in study after study that limiting their options actually produces better results. Keep that in mind as you work on new products, product enhancements, and marketing messages.