How to Market Your Team

Sometimes a brand can stand on its own. But in some industries, and with newer companies, it can be important to put a face, or faces, behind the brand.

Take the notion of a celebrity spokesperson, or company character (ala the Geico Gecko), and focus it internally. Make your employees the stars of your marketing.

How can you do this?

  • Start by identifying the key people on your team. These are the people who your customers or clients will interact with, those with the most impressive backgrounds in the field, and anyone in a leadership role.
  • Recruit them by letting them know your plan to showcase them in marketing materials. It’s important that the team buys into the plan, since you will be using their likeness and names in public.
  • Get quality headshots and detailed biographies written for each one of them.

  • Create a “team” page on your website and add them to it. This should be a part of the “About us” section that most companies already have.
  • Begin to incorporate these people into your other advertising and promotional materials. If you have sales documents you send out to interested clients, they should be in there. If you do any PR outreach, start incorporating your team into those promotions.
  • Encourage those employees to build their own brand through social media and networking events. The more people get to know who they are, the more power you give to your own promotion of them.

Remember, the goal here is to add credibility to your brand. So make sure you keep this information updated and accurate.