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Management tips have become a regular part of this blog, and every once in a while we like to take our newer readers back to some of the most popular content that they may have missed. Below, I have assembled links to and summaries of our nine most popular posts on management. Enjoy!

Save Time By Hiring the Right Marketing Talent

Hiring is a skill we should all master. A good hiring decision can make all the difference. A bad hiring decision can cost you unnecessary time and money. Here are some tips on how to hire better talent.

Marketers as Facilitators of Communication

The role of a good marketing manager is not just to manage the marketing staff, but to cross over department lines and make sure that the company as a whole is on the same page as far as what they’re selling, to who, and how.

Run More Frequent, Shorter Meetings

Meetings can be a drag on productivity. But executed correctly, they should help move projects forward, encourage team building, and offer an opportunity to make better key decisions.

How to Get More Out of Your Employees: Part 1

Management is all about getting the best performance you can out of those that you manage. There are many ways to encourage, inspire, and lead. This post offers an introduction into how you can get more out of your employees.

How to Get More Out of Your Employees: Part 2

Continuing the theme of part 1, this follow up post shows managers what they can do to inspire their workers to be even more productive and successful.

How to Manage by Doing

One problem of managing employees is that often managers don’t fully understand what it’s like to do the jobs they manage. Try spending a day in the shoes of every employee you manage to gain a better understanding of what they all do.

The Case for Paying Your Employees More

Rising wages are not necessarily bad for business. In fact, many times paying your employees more will make you more successful. This post explains why.

The Case for Paying Your Employees Less

We made the argument for paying more, but we cannot ignore the other side. There are times when paying less makes sense. Here’s the reasoning behind it.

A Guide to Firing Your Marketing Agency

Not all relationships last forever, and the one you have with the agency who handles your marketing is no exception. When it comes time to make a change, here is a helpful checklist to consider.