If You Only Do One Thing – Part 2

Welcome to the latest installment of our new weekly blog series, If You Only Do One Thing. Every Monday, we will discuss one thing that you can start doing today to improve your marketing performance.

With so much advice floating around from so many different sources, it can be tough for marketers and small business owners to know where to focus. This series aims to help you out. Last week’s thing was Collect Your Customers’ Email Addresses.

Today’s Thing = Create a Mobile Website

If you are using Google Analytics, take a look at what percentage of your traffic is currently coming from mobile devices. If you’re not sure how to do this, when you log into your GA account, under the Audience heading, click on Mobile, then Overview. Choose and representative time period, at least the last 30 days, and there you have it.

You can see total visitors broken down by Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet. Why does that matter?

Well, if you’re like most companies, the percentage of traffic coming from tablets and smartphones is on the rise. For some, it’s now more than half of all traffic. And unless you’ve invested time and money to create a mobile site, or use a responsive design on your website, you might not be capitalizing on all that mobile traffic.

By creating a mobile website, you can customize the user experience for someone visiting on a mobile device. Usually this means some level of simplification, determining what mobile visitors are most often looking for, and eliminating the fluff. Since the screen is much smaller on a mobile device, you will want to get rid of extra text, use buttons, have a click to call option rather than a long form, and generally make site navigation less complex.

When you do this, you will see that more of your mobile visitors stay on your site longer, and get what they need. If you have an ecommerce site, you should see sales increase. If you’re in lead generation, you can increase your conversion rate and lower your cost per lead.

There are entire companies that exist to help you create a mobile website. Take a look around and find a designer or design firm in your area that has experience building mobile sites and get an estimate. It will be an investment sure to pay off in the future, given how rapidly we are moving to a mobile-dominant world.

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