What is Good Marketing?

I asked the community what they thought good marketing is. Here are a few of the responses that I got.

Good marketing is:

  • Marketing that helps people find what they need
  • Marketing that pays for itself
  • Marketing that gets your customers involved
  • Marketing that gets people talking about you
  • Anything that creates a sale
  • Measurable
  • Doing something different, standing out

My definition of good marketing is a combination of a number of these ideas. Truly good marketing does all of those things. But I define good marketing in the context of what marketers do to achieve success. And with that in mind, my definition of good marketing is:

“Something you do that leads to a greater number of sales or revenue at a cost that is less than the total return on your investment. In a sense, good marketing is profitable.”

Why? Because profitable marketing is scalable. It will help grow your business. And its results will help those people behind the marketing advance in their careers.

Do you disagree? Tell us what #goodmarketingis to you in the comments or on Twitter.