Should Your Company Write a Book?


All of the things that we hear and read about content marketing; they’re not talking about books. But a book can be a very good piece of content for your company.


  1. Publishing a book can promote your company as a thought leader in your space
  2. A book can be used as a sales tool, a lead generation tool, or even a recruiting tool

I would argue that publishing a book is a good idea for many companies. The nature of the book depends on your goal.

A book can be about:

  1. Your corporate culture, mission, and beliefs
  2. Tips and strategies to succeed in your industry
  3. Your company’s experiences and case studies
  4. Commentary on your industry and where it’s going

Books, whether digital or printed, can be sold for revenue. But more effectively, can be used as a marketing tool.

You can offer the book to people in exchange for collecting their information. You can send the book to business leads that you want to sell to. You can promote the book in contests and giveaways, even offering it to influential bloggers and thought leaders in your space for free.

The cost of publishing is low, so if you have a story to tell and find someone with the ability to tell it well, a book can be a rather inexpensive marketing tool. So why not give it a try?