Why You Should Send Marketing Emails in the Morning


Trying to decide when the best time to send your marketing email is?

Here is why you should send your marketing emails in the morning:

  • You want to catch people before they get stuck in their daily routines
  • Your subscribers generally read emails before work
  • Your subscribers do not work or go to school
  • You have a special offer that requires taking action that day
  • You don’t mind your email landing in an inbox filled with other marketing emails
  • You have tested different times and find the highest open and click through rates in the morning
  • You have never tried sending in the morning and would like to know how well it works with your subscribers

The above are all good reasons to send your emails in the morning. Here is a bad one:

  • I heard that sending in the morning works the best

There is no proven time of day that works for every company. Some companies see better results in the mornings, others in the afternoons, and for some the time of day makes no difference at all.

The key is testing different things to find what works best for you!