How to Land That Job – Part 8

As the hiring market picks up and new technologies put marketers in high demand, it is important to be ready to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. With that, welcome to our weekly blog series on getting that marketing job you’ve always wanted. Each week we will discuss a new tip or technique you can use to land that job you’re after. Last week’s topic was Interview Don’ts.

This week’s topic = Post-interview Work

Each week I end these posts with a call for comments, in which I say “Keep the conversation going”. Don’t believe me? Scroll to the bottom of this post.

And the funny thing is that the topic of this week’s post, Post-interview Work, is based on the same premise. My one piece of advice after the interview is over is to keep the conversation going.

How? One of the most important things you can do after the interview is follow up with a thank you email. An email to each person involved in the interview process thanking them for their time and reaffirming your interest in the position can go a long way toward moving you ahead of other candidates that they are considering.

A great time to send such an email is a few days (2-3) after the interview. This makes it seem considerate, and not desperate. Keep it simple.

In addition to the follow up email, there may be other things that they want to see from you. They may ask for a writing sample, a portfolio or sample work, or they may have you complete a task meant to test your skills. My advice is to have a few samples ready to go in case you’re asked. Trying to piece them together last minute will always be stressful, and perhaps lead to you sending work that is less than your best.

And if they have you take a test, make sure to put in the necessary effort. There will be times when they are split between you and one other candidate, and your performance on the test could make all the difference.

Have anything to add? Keep the conversation going in the comments below…