If You Only Do One Thing – Reviewed

Everyone is crunched for time these days. And when you’re running a business, you don’t have an extra minute in your day to try something new.

Over the last three months, we’ve used that concept and developed a weekly series here devoted to the “One Thing” you can do to grow your business. Each week, we introduced a new thing. And each week, I tried to outline how it would help you if you did only that one thing.

But like all good things, this series has come to an end. For your reading pleasure, here’s a recap of all ten “One Things”:

Part 1: Collect Your Customers’ Email Addresses

Part 2: Create a Mobile Website

Part 3: Create a Facebook Page

Part 4: Learn Google AdWords

Part 5: Install Google Analytics

Part 6: Survey Your Customers

Part 7: Attend a Tradeshow

Part 8: Promote Special Offers

Part 9: Offer Free Shipping

Part 10: Hire the Right Person