The Power of Asking a Question


When you see a question, do you like to answer it? Even if it’s just in your own head? Even if your answer is sarcastic or humorous?

I bet the answer is yes. It’s true that people like to answer questions. And that’s why questions are so powerful in marketing. When you ask a question, you’re engaging potential customers.

So how can you use questions?

  1. Ask questions in your ads – ask a question that might point out a consumer need you can fill.
  2. Ask questions on your landing pages – a good question at the top of a page will get someone to read the rest of the copy below.
  3. Ask questions in your direct mail – a provocative question on the envelope or at the top of a letter will immediately attract your prospect’s attention.
  4. Ask questions on your sales calls – telemarketers can use a series of questions to get a good conversation going.
  5. Ask questions in your email subject lines – a leading question in a subject line is more likely to get someone to open the email in search of an answer.

How else can you use questions in marketing? Share your thoughts and keep the conversation going in the comments section below.