How to Attract More Readers to Your Blog

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For business blogs, the goal of attracting more readers is about more than just getting people to your blog. It is about using that blog to generate more sales, higher loyalty, etc. Your blog acts as a gateway to your business, a way for readers to interact with your brand, and learn from you.

But while the ultimate goal may be different, the first step in the process of attracting more readers is much the same as any blogger who wants to draw in readers. And that is, focus on the content.

  1. Research – Find out what keywords people are searching to find the type of content you are creating. Find out who else is writing about similar topics. Ask readers what they like, and what they don’t.
  2. Refine – Start to use those keywords in your headlines and blog posts. Start to differentiate yourself from other blogs out there by adding in more personality, or varying the types of posts you publish. And start to get readers more involved by seeking feedback or asking questions that people can respond to in the comments.
  3. Repeat – Create more content and keep up a regular schedule of new posts. This gives more posts for people to share, and lets search engines know that your site is packed full of up to date content.

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