How to Make the Most of Your Marketing Dollars


Let’s tackle a key question that many small business owners and marketers have asked themselves for years.

Is it better to spread your marketing dollars around, trying to get a little bit of exposure in a lot of different places, or spend heavily in one of two key channels in order to maximize its impact?

Option #1 – Spread it around

Pros: You are reaching different audiences who may respond different to your advertising. You are testing new markets which might allow you to identify the best channels for you to spend more in down the road. You’re less likely to miss out on a key channel that really works for you.

Option #2 – Load up in one or two places

Pros: You are spending enough to take advantage of discount or free value added placements from publishers, essentially getting more for your money. You are doing a better job at maximizing the impact of your ads because there is more repetition of your ads in one channel.

Different people might answer this question differently. And to be honest, I would not argue against one option or the other. As I laid out above, each have their advantages. But here’s my opinion, since you’re paying for it…

If I’m just starting out, I’d spread it around. My goal would be simple, learn what works and what doesn’t on a small scale so that I can shift more of my dollars to the channels that work. It’s all about the learning, so you don’t end up missing out on the key ad placements with the biggest ROI.

What do you think? Let the debate continue in the comments below.


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