How to Get Started with Google Remarketing


Do we all know what retargeting is? If not, here is a quick summary of retargeting.

Google now offers their own version of retargeting, which they call remarketing. Google’s Remarketing program is built right into their AdWords platform, so that anyone who is already paying to advertise on Google can easily add remarketing. And it plugs right into their content network, which many advertisers are also already using. So setting it up is easy.

You can visit this page where Google explains how the remarketing program works and why you should try it. From there, you can click on “Try It” in the top right corner to get started.

Google will supply a pixel that you can add to your website. That pixel will track visitors to your site. Then, when those visitors leave your site and find themselves on another web page that shows Google Ads, they will see your ads, beckoning them back to buy from you.

It’s a great way to market directly to people who are already familiar with you and interested in what you’re offering. And since the whole program can be managed through Google Adwords, it’s easy to see how well the ads are performing.

My advice, even if you’re not using Google Adwords to target search results, give the remarketing program a try.

Are you using Google Remarketing? Let us know how its working for you in the comments below.